Epic Showdown: Yolanda Foster Hadid Confronts Lisa Rinna For Doubting Her Lyme Disease Claims On ‘Rhobh’ Reunion Episode


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show is coming up in a few weeks, and boy will it be action packed. Apparently, Yolanda Foster (Hadid) will settle the score with Lisa Rinna for implying that she doesn’t have Lyme disease. Foster claims that she’s heard through the grapevine that Rinna has been talking about her and suggested that she and her children do not have Lyme disease. Instead, Lisa claimed that Foster had a mental illness: Munchausen. Lisa went as far as to accuse Yolanda of having Munchausen by proxy.

Munchausen by proxy is a mental illness and, by definition, a form of child abuse when parent fakes illness to receive attention from others. In extreme cases, the mother will go as far as to cause the sickness symptoms. An example is the mothers who poison their children to get attention from either their husband or hospital staff. It is a real disorder, and Yolanda claims she does not fit the description. In fact, she is sick of hearing Lisa’s claims and wants to clear the air–once and for all.

Radar Online reported that Foster is growing tired of explaining herself to the cast members and intends to stop the hurtful comments about her health quickly. Apparently, Yolanda is planning to confront Lisa at the RHOBH reunion show, and get to the bottom of who told her that she was faking Lyme disease. At the moment, Lisa claims that her hairdresser told her that Yolanda isn’t sick — she’s faking. The same hairdresser also alleges that Yolanda falsely claims that her children suffer from Lyme disease, as well.

Yolanda showed Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump medical records proving that her children have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. She was hoping that would slow the gossip about her family, however, it seemed to add more fuel to it. Yolanda believed that Lisa Rinna was a good friend and exposed Vanderpump and Richards to her as fake friends. Unbeknownst to Foster, the real culprit and start of the drama began with Rinna. Of course, now Yolanda is armed with that information and fully plans on unleashing the fury during the RHOBH reunion episode.

The relationship between Lisa Rinna and Yolanda is complicated. They both have said many hurtful things about each other and seem to be working toward getting along, at least for the cameras. Apparently, according to Reality Tea, they have real issues to work through, and it will be a focal point at the reunion show. Is it possible for them to work through their problems and actually become friends again?

Yolanda said on The Dr. Oz Show that she has good and bad days, and she was seeking alternative treatments for Lyme disease. Apparently, her doctor believes that over 50 percent of treating Lyme disease is spiritual, so she was trying to free herself of negativity.

“It is time for me to let go of any negativity. I feel for not only some of the women in this group but for those in my life who choose to judge my journey. In order to get to the finish line, I must address forgiveness and practice love starting in my own heart. I always try to have the attitude that it doesn’t matter what others think of you. What matters is what you think of yourself, but sometimes that belief system shifts as the pressures of life get the best of you.”

Do you think Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Foster Hadid will resolve their differences during the RHOBH reunion show? Don’t forget to come back for more RHOBH spoilers, news, and updates.

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