Introducing the Many Faces of Lyme Disease


Let us introduce you to the Many Faces of Lyme. It’s time to show the world the community of Lymies from around the globe.

You are not alone in your struggle, from parents to children, from entrepreneurs to artists, from those with a recent diagnosis to those with decades under their belt. Lyme, like many other chronic illnesses, doesn’t have one specific look.

The Many Faces of Lyme Video Series

The Many Faces of Lyme series attempts to capture the range of those affected by Lyme disease. We hear the stories of Kyle and Leah, Traci, Steffanie, Sam, Madison and many others, and discover how Lyme affects their lives.

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How long have you had Lyme?

In the Lyme community, we meet individuals who range from a few years since their Lyme diagnosis to all the way to individuals who have been affected by Lyme for 15 years or more.

While some individuals may be able to see through to the end of their Lyme diagnosis, others may experience its effects for the rest of their lives.

How has Lyme affected your life?

“Lyme has affected every aspect of my life,” Traci starts.

Kyle goes on to say that “Having Lyme, it becomes a third wheel to any of your relationships,” and he wasn’t alone in this sentiment. Lymies from all over have felt the strain that Lyme puts on their relationships.

Catherine comments, “There are some days where I spend more of the day in bed than I do with my family.”

Madison shares how seeing the effect her Lyme disease has on her family and the other people around her is the worst part.

But Lyme doesn’t stop there. Arthritis, swelling, insomnia, chronic fatigue, seizures, brain fog, memory loss, and nerve pain are, unfortunately, only a few of the common symptoms Lymies experience in their lives.

Lyme might change everything about you.

Kyle shares how he always wanted to be a motivational speaker, but with “the anxiety and brain fog, it got to the point where it destroyed [his] confidence.”

Traci speaks for many Lymies in the community when she shares that Lyme made her change her priorities. Now, health has to be first.

“It’s hard going from being very independent like I used to be and now I have to ask for help,” Catherine shares.

Chronic Illness – A Poem by Traci

In the above video, Traci shares a poem she wrote about her experience with Chronic Lyme.

Chronic Illness

Heartbreak is a sudden word,
Hole-stopping event.
As if it just happens,
As if the heart is split in two
In moments.

There isn’t a word for this.

The slow decay of the body
as it continues living.
The ache inside your chest
as you remember
the life you could have had.

Uncertainty of health,
Of finances,
Of companions
Who tire of your excuses.

What word describes not breaking,
But carving,
But hollowing out your heart like a miner
Searching for diamonds or coal.

What word describes
the sense of loss that follows you.
The alarm you feel when someone asks,
“what have you been doing?”
Because the answer is

How do you describe the way people look
When you tell them that you are focusing on you.
On your health
On salvaging what little hope you have left
In this cycle of agony
And carrying it around with you.

What word means you are not selfish,
but brave?

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