A Motivational Playlist for Chronic Illness Warriors


Everybody has bad days, but people with chronic illness seem to have the most bad days. If you’re having a good day, maybe you’ll dance along. If you’re in need of some motivation to get out bed, we hope this will help. If you’re just in need of some positivity, we’ve got you covered.

Here is the playlist:

My Body- Young the Giant

Favorite lyric: My body tells me no!/ But I won’t quit/ ‘Cuz I want more, ‘cuz I want more

An alternative rock song that makes you want to dance like a pop song. What more could you want? We love how this song talks about your body wanting to give up on you because that is the definition of chronic illness. Chronic illness brings a whole lot of your body screaming out “no!” This song lets you scream back that you’re not quitting.


Roar- Katy Perry

Favorite lyric: You held me down, but I got up/ Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough

We think if you need the motivation to get up—figuratively or literally, this song pumps you up. Plus, when people with chronic illness, especially Lymies, want to spread awareness…they make their voices heard. As Perry sings, you’re gonna hear us roar.


Brave- Sara Bareilles

Favorite lyric: Maybe one of these days you can let the light in/ Show me how big your brave is

It’s really scary to live with chronic illness. For a lot of reasons. That’s why a song telling you to be brave is so fitting for this playlist. One reason it’s scary might be because you’re afraid of what people will think about you. We hope you’re never afraid to speak up about your chronic illness, despite any backlash that might come with it.


The Greatest- Sia ft Kendrick Lamar

Favorite lyric: And uh-oh, I see another mountain to climb/ But I, I, I got stamina

This song makes the list because if you are dedicated to getting better and to getting the most out of life, you can be the greatest. When there is a mountain to climb, and of course there always will be, you climb it. Sia starts out softly and the songs builds as she convinces herself to not give up. Suddenly she’s belting out she is alive. Moral of the story? Don’t give up and to keep going when you’re out of breath.


Bulletproof- La Roux

Favorite lyric: Tick, tick, tick, tick on the watch/ And life’s too short for me to stop

This song is fast-paced and catchy, which automatically lifts the mood, right? Chronic illness plays dirty and you’re learning each day how to better play its game. Shoot away, because you’re bulletproof.


Change- Taylor Swift

Favorite lyric: But there’s something in your eyes/ Says we can beat this

This song was included during the 2008 Olympics and is an anthem for the underdogs. The odds are stacked against you, but you have the determination to keep fighting. Swift gives us the hope that things can change and when they do, we’ll be singing “hallelujah.”


Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

Favorite lyric: Went the distance, now I’m not gonna stop/ Just a man and his will to survive

This is the ultimate cliché pre-game song—for good reason. Chronic illness will probably be the biggest fight you’ll ever compete in. Listen to this song and visualize punching your chronic illness right to the ground.


Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Favorite lyric: Tonight is the night, we’ll fight till it’s over/ So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us

Chronic illness can’t hold you down! This song will having you putting your hands up exclaiming that you’ll fight until the very end.


Whatever It Takes- Imagine Dragons

Favorite lyric: I‘m just a product of the system, a catastrophe/ And yet a masterpiece, and yet I’m half-diseased

Lead singer Reynolds almost chants these lyrics, each one motivating you more than the last. Finally, the chorus breaks into a melody and you feel like you can do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if that job is simply taking a shower.


Survivor-  Destiny’s Child

Favorite lyric: I’m a survivor (what), I’m gonna make it (what)/ I will survive (what), keep on survivin’ (what)

You’re a survivor. You’re not going to give up. You’re going to work harder. Keep on surviving. This is probably the pep talk you have to give yourself every morning because it literally is survival on the line.


Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia

Favorite lyric: You shoot me down but I won’t fall/ I am titanium

Chronic illness feels like someone is aiming for you, and you’re always having to dodge the bullet. Remember that you are a warrior. This song tells you that even when you’re shot down, you won’t fall. You are a warrior.


Don’t You Worry Child- Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin

Favorite lyric: Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child/ See heaven’s got a plan for you

Aside from an obvious message to not worry about what the future holds, there’s also a break of electronic dance music. If you can muster up the energy, you can’t help but want to dance along!


Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

Favorite lyric: And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Swift wrote this song about all of the criticism she received for her dancing at award shows. They couldn’t understand that she was just having fun. When you have a chronic illness, there are many people who think you’re faking it, being lazy and seeking attention. This song is for the days you need a reminder to shake off the haters and not let what people say about you affect how you feel about yourself.


The Dogs Day Are Over- Florence and the Machine

Favorite lyric: Leave all your love and your longing behind/ You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive

There might be a day when you find a treatment that works for you. Maybe they find a cure for chronic Lyme disease. Or maybe you just have a good day. Will you be in disbelief or will you embrace it? This song reminds us that when happiness is in front of you—grab it.


Did we miss any? Do you feel motivated? Check out the Spotify playlist here.

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