A Chronic Illness Playlist Inspired By The LymeNow Community


We’ve incorporated some of the suggestions from our LymeNow community into this playlist! Follow us on Instagram to learn how YOU can submit song picks for dealing with Lyme disease.

Her Diamond- Rob Thomas

Favorite lyric: And she says, oh/ I can’t take no more/ Her tears like diamonds on the floor

A heartbreaking song highlighting the metaphor comparing diamonds on the floor to tears. Thomas sings about his observations of his ill wife. While she says she doesn’t think she can do it anymore, Thomas feels helpless in it all. Not only is it a beautiful song of love and empathy, the narrative is all too relatable to anyone who is sick.


Rise Up- Andra Day

Favorite lyric: And I know you feel like dying/ But I promise we’ll take the world to its feet

Rise Up is as moving as it is motivational. Day sings about being broken down but being willing to continue at it again a thousand times. The sad truth about chronic illness is that each day can start to feel the same with no foreseeable change, but all we can do is try to have hope.


Head Above Water- Avril Lavigne

Favorite lyric: Yeah, my life is what I’m fighting for/ Can’t part the sea, can’t reach the shore

Lavigne has Lyme disease and has experienced this firsthand, which makes her song even more powerful. As it gets harder and as the storm doesn’t let up, Lavigne calls to God to help her not drown and to rescue her when she loses her breath.


Everybody Hurts- R.E.M.

Favorite lyric: Sometimes everything is wrong/ Now it’s time to sing along

A reminder that everybody goes through tough times. A slow-tempoed song that builds, Stipe’s singing is filled with emotion and a possible plea to its listener to keep going.


Waving Through a Window- Dear Evan Hansen Original Broadway Cast Recording

Favorite lyric: When you’re falling in a forest and there’s nobody around/ Do you ever really crash, or even make a sound?

Dear Evan Hansen is a musical about a social outcast who doesn’t feel like anyone notices or understands him. When you have chronic illness, it can always feel like you are isolated from everybody else and waving through a window. The social anxiety, the people not listening to you, the learning to slow down before you start something new. Does anybody notice?


A New Day Has Come- Celine Dion

Favorite lyric: I was waiting for so long/ For a miracle to come/ Everyone told me to be strong/ Hold on and don’t shed a tear

This song feels like huge breath of fresh air. It’s airy and hopeful and feels a huge release of everything bad you’ve been holding onto. When you have Lyme, the hope that this feeling could be yours one day is worth continuing the fight.

Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey

Favorite lyric: Some will win, some will lose/ Some were born to sing the blues

You hear the piano start to play this song and…is it possible to not smile? As the song builds, you find that you’re screaming along to the lyrics. You’re down right now, but you can’t ever stop believing you’ll feel better.


Doubt- Mary J Blige

Favorite lyric: You think you know/ But you don’t know the half/ You think you beat me down/ But I’ll have the last laugh

When you’re feeling down and defeated, turn this song on. There are all the people who will doubt that you have Lyme or doubt that you can really overcome the struggles you are facing, but ultimately, this song motivates you to fight to the end.


Be Ok- Ingrid Michaelson

Favorite lyric: I just want to know today, know today, know today/ Know that maybe I will be okay

A cheerful melody plus repetition means this one will be stuck in your head all day. This is probably the most relatable song on the playlist because we know if Lymies had one wish, it would just be to feel okay.


Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

Favorite lyric: And I had a feeling that I belonged/ I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

There’s this strange feeling of sadness mixed with hopefulness when you listen to this song. Chapman struggles, like anyone with chronic illness, but somehow there is this hope that it can get better.


I Wanna Get Better- Bleachers

Favorite lyric: I wanna get better, better, better, better,/ I wanna get better

Ending the playlist on an energetic note, this song will pump you up. Plus, we think it’s relevant because all anyone with Lyme wants to do is just get better!


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