Lyme in 280 Characters


Lyme can get complicated, so to keep your life simple, we searched the internet to bring you the best of Lyme Twitter. 

This is Lyme in 280 characters AKA the top 10 Tweets about Lyme disease: 

1. I’m never looking at poppyseed muffins the same.

tweet compares poppyseed muffins to ticks

2. “Houston, we’ve had a problem!”

tweet about how you can catch lyme disease unless you live on the moon

3. Responses like this are all too common with Lyme disease. But until the world at large sees Lyme as being real, real solutions probably won’t be offered.

twitter meme depicting anime character disregarding Lyme disease

 4. The world looks a little different after contracting Lyme.

tweet depicting a beautiful sunset where you could be bitten by a tick and get Lyme

5. After Lyme, it is important to understand that your priorities have changed. Simple tasks are now challenging, and challenging tasks are often now impossible. All we can do is appreciate the moments when we have energy and supportive friends.

cartoon depicting man coming home from work and wife still sitting on the couch

6. What you see isn’t what you get with Lyme.

diagram of what you see vs what you feel with invisible illness

7. Out of order. Out of control. Out of energy. Out of answers…

eeyore looks sad holding a sign saying out of order

8. And that is enough.

cartoon depicting man and woman who proclaims she showered

9. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing when spending time outdoors. Cover up as much as you can, use insect repellent, and always check your family and pets for ticks. Ticks are small, but their impact can be life altering.

woody and buzz lightyear proclaim there are ticks everywhere

10. Although a bullseye rash is a telltale sign of Lyme, not everyone gets or notices a rash after being bitten by a tick. Read up on common symptoms and talk to a Lyme literate doctor if you suspect you or a loved one has been bitten. Acting quickly is the best thing you can do!

tweet with as poll asking if people got a bullseye rash

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