Letter From Ashley: Don’t Ever Give Up


Dear Fellow Lyme Warrior,

You may feel alone at times in this battle, but you are NOT alone! You may lose friends and acquaintances along the way – that’s okay, because those aren’t YOUR people then anyway! You may be questioned over and over again about the validity of your disease, treatment and symptoms – stand strong and be your own advocate because you are and always were worthy of understanding, respect, support and fair medical treatment.

You will have bad days, bad weeks and maybe bad months, but everything is temporary and no matter what happens, just keep going! Soak in the good days and moments and seek to find joy and love everyday – find the people and things that light up your life and let go of the ones who don’t. Learn to say NO and to practice self-care everyday. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, you are healing everyday. Just keep going. NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!

You are loved and deserve to be healthy.

Ashley Lovinelli (@wheatgrass_warrior) 

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