Letter From Nessa (To Heather): I See You


Dear Heather,

I have known you for over 6 years. I remember meeting you before you even moved in. I knew we would be good friends, because of your love of people and you are so entertaining.

Over the last few years I see you struggle to find the old you. What others do not notice I have.

I see you try new diets, in hope that it gives you more energy. I see you try new vitamins, in hope to find healthy stability. I’ve seen you stop teaching Zumba, because it was too trying. I see you sitting when you normally would stand.

I see you, however, still kind, willing to serve, and helping others smile. I see you trying to be the best you can with what you have been dealt.

I see you as a great friend, no matter what.

I am grateful for you example and love!

Love ya, Nessa 😊

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