Letter from Lexi: It’s Worth The Fight


Dear friend,

Let it be known that you are a warrior.

I know when someone first called me a warrior I thought,

“I am not a warrior, I am no more special than you. I am just a girl trying to survive disease”.

But you know what? That girl is a warrior and you are a warrior too.

What we experience day-to-day is what most people take sick days from work for. We learn to function under extreme and intolerable circumstances because it is the only way to maintain some quality of life. We fight battles with brave faces that others cannot even begin to imagine let alone endure with the occasional smile- and that my friend is a true warrior.

And so now when people call me a warrior, I say,

“Thank you”, because I know with every fiber of me being, I am one- even though I have bad days too.

When you are crying and down on your knees begging for a reprieve, remember, you are a warrior and warriors fight for what they believe in. They are not always heroic, but they never give up. Warriors train hard to become strong and resilient in the continual face of adversity and you my friend- are no different.

I understand this can feel like the longest, toughest battle of your life, truth be told, it probably is.  I am with you, I am in it too, and some days it takes everything in me just to cope through the day and hope is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. I know it’s there and that it exists, but covered in heavy hay bails and loose straw, (and probably way too many allergies) it can often feel impossible.

But it’s not.

It exists; it’s there, it’s just a matter of finding it. If you know this, you know you can heal. YOU WILL HEAL.  Even at your weakest moments, every moment you choose to find your breath and every moment you choose to see or even look for light in darkness, you are choosing to strengthen your warrior spirit.

I know that with perseverance, ally’s, and willingness to heal, that you will win this battle and when you do, you will be- and are already am becoming, the strongest, most brilliant version of yourself possible.

I have grown and learnt lessons through this illness that many would never even think twice of in their life. Yet I will admit, the growth is not enough to get me through some of the hell-ridden days and pained nights, but my unshakeable warrior spirit, belief in healing and a greater purpose in life are.

If you’re reading this, it’s not by chance; it’s for a reason. Good day or bad, just like a warrior; the hardest leg of the battle is the one nearing the end. You’re exhausted. You’re beaten up and wounded. You question if it’s worth going on and consider giving up, but consideration and action are far from each other and you are a warrior. So you rest and trudge on despite your burdens and suffrage. You may not be well or feel well, but you are alive and every breath you are able to breathe is another step closer to victory.

Dear friend, never forget your warrior spirit. It may not seem it, but one day it will bring you beyond suffering and into the gracious hands of destiny. You were not born to suffer for eternity, you were born to live and to live your fullest potential, you have first had to be made into a strong warrior. You are growing and becoming and it’s painful and nasty some days I know it, but I promise you, it is and will be, entirely worth it.


“I am a brave warrior and every experience I have builds strength that heals me and brings me once step closer to victory.”



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