Kimberly’s Story – Giving Purpose to Pain


When I was somewhere between 10-12 I started having lots of pains, aches, and random sprains.

Throughout the years I would have slight fevers, have a lot of wrist and ankle issues, and would be achy on and off.  I went to a lot of doctors without any answers…

Then in late 2014 my symptoms became constant and completely debilitating.

At first my wrist went out of place for 8 months and pain/exhaustion came and never left.

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease,  co-infections,  mold illness, and MTHFR in 2015.

Some of my symptoms include, extreme pain, seizures, nerve pain, dizziness, air hunger, heart palpitations, and extreme fatigue

I have been treating it for 7 years.  I have been treated with antibiotics, herbs, ozone, a low inflammation diet, pemf therapy, and a lot of detoxing.

This disease is very difficult so I try to find joy in the little things and take each moment at a time.

Youtube and Instagram have been a great outlet.  If I can bring awareness and encourage others, it helps give purpose to this pain.

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