Letter From Courtney: I Have Lyme, Too


Dear Fellow Lymie,

I see you. I feel your pain, I know your thoughts, frustrations, and worries. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I know it feels like it at times (heck, most of the time).

That’s the dumb thing about this disease, it makes you feel so isolate, alone, and even crazy at times, BUT YOU AREN’T.

Your disease is real, your pain is real, it’s valid and it sucks. BUT I AM HERE. I am here feeling these things too, and thinking of you, wherever you are, sending you my love, healing vibes and compassion for your journey. BECAUSE IT IS A JOURNEY, one we sure didn’t ask to go on, but we are on nonetheless. But the great thing about journeys is they tend to have destinations, and I hope yours is one of HEALING. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your fight. As much as the Lyme might try to make you do so. Lyme might have made you start this journey, BUT YOU CAN CONTROL where it takes you and how it ends. And when it does get super hard, BECAUSE IT ALWAYS DOES, remember you are not alone. I am here with you, a fellow Lyme Warrior on the same journey, and in the end WE WILL WIN.

Love, Courtney Schutze

A fellow Lymie

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