Letter From Claire: To My Fellow Lymies


Dear Lymie,

I wish I could tell you that it was going to be easy.  I wish I could say that the road of Lyme disease was something that everyone understood and that there wouldn’t be moments of disappointment or despair along the way.  I wish I could explain that there aren’t very many tears and that there is an absolute solution to it all. I wish I could express to you that it wasn’t as mind-boggling and scary as it is.

The truth is that Lyme disease is one of the most difficult adversities that a human being could experience.  Lyme is commonly all encompassing, meaning that it will impact every ounce of your life. And at some point, you’ll find that you’ve been changed forever and that there is no going back to the person you were before.  The day will come that you’ll glance at yourself in the mirror and you won’t recognize yourself. That first day of sudden realization will be met with tears and grief, but with time will be transformed to acceptance, gratitude, and hope.

The reality of Lyme disease is that all of the pain and hardship may be strikingly real.  However, I can promise you as well that the reality of Lyme disease can also have an elegant beauty about it that is found deep within the veins of your pain and struggle.  A beauty that is born from your strength, resilience, courage, and determination to continue forward the best you can despite your difficulties.

There may be pain and tears of sorrow, but there will be days of relief and rejoicing of your victories.  There may be anxiety and despair, but there will also be moments of peace and gratitude that runs deeper than it ever did before.  There may be loneliness, but there will be a connection and love from God and others deeper than you have ever imagined. Furthermore there may be days where you feel unlovable and worthless, but your continuing faith and persistence will prove otherwise.

You see my friend, it may be piercingly difficult at times, but it is those difficulties that will shape you into the glorious person that you were destined to be.  For progression, growth, and grace bloom out of the deepest adversities.

You are not alone.  You are strong. You are loved.  Don’t give up. You may have Lyme disease, but Lyme disease will never have you.  Your body has the capacity to heal and there are resources and protocols out there that can and will heal you with patience and persistence.  There is hope and healing ahead.

Stay strong my friend.  For there are battalions of people and angels rooting for you and cheering you on in your journey of Lyme.

Yours Truly,

A Fellow Lymie

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