Letter From Vennessa: To Lindsay, a Teenager with Lyme


Dear Lindsay,

Ever since I met you, you have been the most amazing dancer. You have the best smile and you have always cared for others.

In the past year I have seen you give up the love of dance, because your body can’t keep up. I see you having to give up simple teenage activity, because your energy can’t keep up.

Even though you have this trial, I see you smile (sometimes a little lopsided) 😊 I see you serve and love those around you.

I see your body struggle, but your heart keeps sharing a piece of who you are.

Love Vennessa

During Lyme Awareness Month, we’re publishing #LymeLetters written by those affected by Lyme Disease. Be sure to check out the rest of the letters here and to follow us @LymeNow on Facebook and Instagram.




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