Michelle & Keira’s Story – Devastating Illness for the Entire Family


My daughter was 10 years old when she had an overnight abrupt change in personality, mood, and emotional stability.

She developed severe anxiety, school refusal, OCD, depression, terrible rage, and later on suicidal thoughts. She had severe headaches and foot pain.

That began the downslide into a pit that we have still not fully come out of. There weren’t many good days and the weeks of not knowing what was wrong turned into months and then years.

Doctor after doctor and the label of “maybe it’s bipolar” or “you should see a psychiatrist.” We finally stumbled upon PANS (Pediatric abrupt-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome) which she was diagnosed with and later on Bartonella. Prior to her symptoms, she was scratched by a feral cat and that one incident sent us on a nightmare that would change our lives forever.

Finally working with an LLMD, she is being treated with monthly IVIG to stabilize her immune system, she’s had IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics, many supplements, vitamins, mold toxicity treatment, anti-depressants and soon we will travel to get SOT done to hopefully stop the bacteria from replicating. This is a devastating illness for the entire family.

Bartonella not only comes from cat feces that can enter the blood through scratches if they are infected but it is also a co-infection of Lyme disease that can come into your body through tick bites.

Almost 5 years later, she is much more stabilized but far from cured. She has difficulty maintaining relationships and regulating mood and irritability.

We are thankful for our doctor who is an advocate for his patients, has knowledge in Lyme and co-infections like Bartonella and never dismisses any of her symptoms. We traveled many miles together for treatment and for answers and will continue to push forward until she sees full healing and is able to lead a full and normal life.

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